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A guardianship is sometimes a sad necessity. Guardianship is awarded by a court, to give legal authority for the guardian to take actions to care for the subject of the guardianship, the ward. Children or disabled adults may need a guardian who will have authority to act on his or her behalf.

Often, someone will have a sudden need for assistance. If a power of attorney or other legal tool was executed beforehand, the agent can act for the grantor of the power of attorney. But, if someone suddenly becomes incapacitated or legally incompetent, they can't then execute a power of attorney. In this instance, a court must step in, to award guardianship.

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The need for a guardianship must be proved, in order for a court to award this authority. Once granted, the guardian can make medical and/or financial decisions on behalf of the ward. Below are some examples of benefits of a guardianship:

  • A disabled child reaches adulthood at age 18. Parents are automatically guardians of their children up to that point. However, they must then formally obtain guardianship from a court once that child reaches the age of 18.
  • A stepparent may wish to cover a child on an existing insurance policy. To do so, the stepparent might have to become guardian of the child (or formally adopt the child).
  • If a teenage girl bears a child, the girl's parents may wish to become guardians of the baby, in order to legally care for the baby, rather than the young mother.
  • You may need to choose a suitable nursing home for your disabled parent.

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